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in which your very soul BEGS for you to draw and you do nothing about it

Inktober Day 6: Nekomimi BoA at SM Town Shanghai

- - -

BoA is so horrible to not give us prior warning about this very IMPORTANT update — of her cutting her hair and that she’s officially part of the fringe club with Tiffany, YoonA, Sooyoung to name a few :3

I mean, it’s been forever since she had this funky hairstyle so yayyyyy~!

And apologies for the crappy snap picture. I’m too poor to buy an actual scanner…

A collection of NIKKA FEELS.

This girl killed me and mingying on Twitter earlier. Teasing us with WIPs of her upcoming one shots and seriously. I died multiple deaths just like that. Ugh. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. Right, Kimmy?

Ghad Nikka… You’re too awesome!

Inktober Day 5: Ken

- - -

It was kinda last minute but my friend and I decided to push for Komikon 2014 so yeah, been in the mood to draw a lot of Ken/Aya pics. HAHA! Sorry not sorry :3

Inktober Day 4: Jessica

- - - 

I always like drawing Jessica in her airport fashion. I didn’t have a reference for this one so sorry for the lack of detail…

Inktober Day 3: BoA

- - -

Her MISSHA commercials is full of win! This picture is based off of it :3

Inktober Day 2: Sunny

- - - 

So she went to this event wearing this outfit and although it may look a little tacky to some people (I’m looking at you Big Lou), I kinda really like it…? So yesh, I decided to draw it.

And ghad, Sunny’s fabulous hair then… HAHA!

Inktober Day 1: Yunho and BoA

- - - 

So I decided to get on the bandwagon. A bit late tho… I know I should be drawing everyday but work is kinda in the way so there would be days that I’ll skip but oh well. Lez do dis!

For Day 1, I drew Yunho and BoA during SM Town because they are the cutest couple ever! Still contemplating whether or not I should start coloring this one…

bold what you prefer.

coffee or tea
books or movies
fruits or vegetables
headphones or earbuds
laptops or pc
facebook or tumblr
netflix or tv
hardcover or paperback
tv or movies
hp or thg
light or dark
salt or pepper
starbucks or dunkin donuts
reading or writing
writing or drawing
hot or cold
talking or listening
instruments or voice
cake or cupcakes
black or white
sunset or sunrise

Yunho and BoA — SM TOWN Japan 10042014

- - - 

Check around 2:55 mark. Ghad do I miss them so much! HAHA! Hopefully more YunBoA in their next family concert because nobody can ever get enough of them :3


- - - 

A little thank you sketch for Mie. The most amazing person who helped me with the concert ticket during BoA’s WHO’S BACK concert in Osaka. Hihi!

I know my handwriting is still horrible but I’m proud of it :3

YunBoA Oneshot: Fork in the Road

It was this point. The point of no return.

And then he saw a glimpse of her, now wondering how she’ll dismiss the question altogether. Like the way they’ve always avoided the fork in the road to true acceptance, afraid that walking that path will ruin them.

He kept watching her in silence, feeling his sweat trickle down his temples, half regretting letting those words slip through his lips.

Another mistake.

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues




This is amazing!

I will never get over the fact that Rajah was replaced with Simba it’s so cute

I love them all