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filling a bathtub with the substance, throwing the person you hate the most in the tub and throwing the ice cube in the tub right after …. it would be over

such evil minds in this place

i love this evilness 

Nah, don’t just throw it in you gotta flick it dramatically over your shoulder without looking as you walk away, preferably with a darkly humorous one-liner.

"The cold never bothered me anyway

Kwon BoA — Make Your Move showcase ; Close To Me

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1dream-ech0: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers. ♥

Yay! A tag! But…. 5 nice things about myself? Woah! Is it okay to be saying this with my own mouth? LOL! Anyway, here goes:

1. I guess, in a way, you can say that I am a faithful person? I mean, I’m still someone who has been a fan of BoA for 12 years. That gotta say something (HAHA, and after all that, it had to boil down with my fandom craze. kekeke).

2. I may not be that vocal about it but I definitely show my love to all my loved ones through actions. Actions speaks louder that words. That’s why I’ve always maintained a good relationship with family and friends :3

3. I don’t think twice about shelling out money if I know it’s something for a good cause or if it’s something that I know would help somebody out. As long as it translates to happiness, I’m okay with it :3

4. I am friendly. In a way? HAHA. I don’t feel shy about meeting people as long as they are just as engaging. There’s been a lot of instances where I become the best of friends with my friends’ friends. (Ha! Take that grammar!)

5. Not sure if this is a nice thing about me but I don’t fall in love so easily so I don’t get hurt as often. But that sounds to be quite messed up? Iuno but yeah…


Thanks BB for the tag <3





Yup, super handy trick to know!




It got better.

Yes, it really did.

That was magical

Jung Yunho and Kwon BoA — Implode

If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you. —Not me  (via byeonji)


Disney Series by UntamedUnwanted

Kwon BoA

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HAHA! Not even close! And I needed to improvise with the colors coz all my grey markers dried up already… HAHA! Gawd, I need practice… Hopefully my other BoA drawing from her latest 1st Look magazine feature turns out okay, otherwise, imma scrap that shizzzzz altogether. LOL!

Please don’t hate me for this ;A;

— Anonymous: Can u help me find this Yunboa ff I read a while back? Yunho and Boa are drinking together and they're playing truth or dare or something like that. Yunhos dare is for her to never leave him like the three exmembers did. It was so good but I can't seem to find it );

Hello Anon! I may be completely wrong but this sounded so much like a fic I’ve written a while back (which is also one of my favorite :3). I maybe I’m completely mistaken though but to help you out just in case, here you go:

Never Again.

If you do know any other YunBoA fanfic writers, please do tell me! I’d be so soooo happy to read their works :3

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YunBoA Oneshot Fanfic: Failure

‘I wanted to give you every chance before I push you away.’

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues


a drink just for me






Vintage Porcelain Covered With Hand-Painted Ants

This would stress me out

It already stressed me out, I’m gonna go lie down

who would want this????

I would!

Time to invite my enemies over for tea.

Kwon BoA — Shout it Out

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Something bothers me in this picture. I tried playing with textures, fonts and the like but in the end, I still opted for this and I don’t know why and OMG. BoA you’re so prettyyyyyyy~!

I’ll just come up with new edits then :3

A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.